Personnel insurance

Pensum helps to create financial security for the company’s employees.

Pensum has many years of experience in advising, as well as putting together insurance solutions for employees in a company. Together with the company’s management, which sets the framework for the insurance solution, Pensum prepares an insurance solution that will contribute to the greatest possible extent to financial security for the employees and their families, should something unforeseen happen.

With a health / treatment insurance, you can also help keep sickness absence in the company down.


It is important for a company to spend significant resources on its employees, and convey what the value of the insurance solution really is. In this context, Pensum prepares comprehensible information material and holds information meetings for the employees.

The market.

Pensum offers all types of personnel insurance. There are many suppliers of these insurances in the market, and Pensum will therefore help your company find the best supplier with a view to the lowest possible premium and the best possible conditions in general.