Occupational pension

We take a grip on the whole, while you can take it easy.

All companies must have a pension scheme for their employees, it is required by law. However, many companies want to have pension schemes beyond what is required, and then there are several factors to consider.

Based on the framework on which the company is based, we find together the best solution and supplier for your company and your employees.

We are in a time of major changes in the framework conditions for occupational pensions. This applies to both defined contribution and defined benefit schemes, as well as to disability pensions.

There are several adaptations to new regulations that must be made now in the near future. Pensum can help you with information about the requirements contained in these changes, and ensure their implementation.

Pensum also offers endowment insurance to private individuals.

A simple and flexible form of saving.

Your investments and your savings are placed in an insurance policy. Endowment insurance is well suited for long-term savings and long-term management, but with good flexibility.

The only insurance element that is in a endowment insurance is a life insurance that amounts to 101% coverage of the market value of the insurance. You have no taxation on an ongoing basis, as long as the capital is invested in the endowment insurance (also applies to fixed income investments). There is no reporting of transactions made within the insurance, only a report on value development and any withdrawals from year to year.

A endowment insurance is also a favorable structure in connection with inheritance planning.

You decide when and for what period of time you want the money to be paid out.

So you have full control over your investments and tax burdens.