Training Center Insurance

A special insurance for your training center and instructors.

The insurance is a comprehensive insurance solution that is customized to your training center. It includes both property and liability for your company and your employees.

The policy is developed after an extensive risk analysis, which gives you a sense of security. Our goal is to offer you a better insurance and service with a lower insurance cost.
What is included in the basic insurance?

Property insurance
All personal property that you own, lease or insurance responsibility you have and glass damage are covered by our insurance. Even personal property stored in locations other than the gym, for example, at the home of an employee is covered by the insurance.

Valuables and other things belonging to employees and customers are exposed to an insurance claim covered by the Insurance. The insurance also covers loss of money and furnishings that you invested in the training center.

Interruption Insurance – A simple and comprehensive business interruption insurance if there is an interruption in your business.
By an injury, or if one of your suppliers can’t deliver, the insurance covers the cost of the disruption that you suffered.

Liability Insurance – A comprehensive liability insurance if your customers are exposed to an injury.
The insurance covers the damage the responsibilities arising from personal injury and property damage in accordance with the compensation rules. This applies, for example, if a customer is injured in your solarium. Legal expenses and any court costs are also covered.

Liability insurance also covers professional liability, the liability for pure economic loss.

Legal expenses insurance – An insurance for your legal fees if you end up in lawsuits.
Legal expenses insurance covers your legal and judicial costs incurred in connection with an insurance claim.

Service, service and after service
Our mission is to optimize your risk management by offering the most comprehensive insurance solutions for your business and your business. A great deal of knowledge and many years of experience is the foundation of our business. We are always on your side if you have questions about insurance, or suffer an injury.