Occupational pensions

Occupational pensions – an important part of your salary.

The portion of the pension you get from your work is called occupational or supplementary pension. It becomes an important part of your retirement income. The more you earn, the more important it becomes.

Pensum provides protection for employees, owners and management teams. Based on your company’s requirements, we help you develop a policy for the company’s handling of occupational pensions, medical care and rehabilitation, and health insurance that supplements the general compensation from the insurance fund.

Pensum also offers insurance coverage in the form of group insurance, travel insurance and other solutions your staff may need. Together we create security solutions that help you to become an attractive and secure employer.

If you are the CEO, or a member of the management team or on the board, you also have a personal responsibility. In recent years, this responsibility is emphasized more strongly. Within Pensum we ourselves are entrepreneurs and well versed in the kind of protection available on the market. We help you find an appropriate and fitting solution.