Enterprise Insurance

Pensum Enterprise Insurance provides safety.

Pensum enterprises insurance is our business regarding damage insurances. We analyze and identify your company’s risks and responsibilities. As risks, we refer to physical risks, such as fire, water or burglary. Responsibility risks are legal risks, where we help limiting and minimize the claims that can arise against you.

We help you manage the risks of items and objects as well as liability issues that may arise in connection with the business you are running. In our business environment we constantly encounter hazards, both natural and legal. Insurance is a way of managing risk, but far from the only one. Pensum makes you aware of the risks and conveys the knowledge of how they can be managed. We identify and prevent them, through insurance policies and we help you handle the injury management.

Our goal is to protect lives, property and business continuation, thereby controlling the costs involved. As a customer of Pensum Enterprise Insurance you have access to a qualified insurance advice from a holistic perspective. Our advisors are lawyers and economists, with many years of proven competence and experience in the industry. We ensure that your business is properly insured at the right time and at the right price.