Our history

Knowledge and experience is our strength.
Availability and excellence are our promises.

When Pensum started in 2002, the goal was to create an independent and dedicated insurance advisor – completely independent from insurance companies and deeply committed to our relationship with our customers. Today we are still independent and equally dedicated. Nevertheless, the years since we started our company has also given us both experience and knowledge. We at Pensum can provide you all types of insurance solutions. Since 2010, we are an established player in the financial market. We also offer high competenceand services in asset management and corporate finance. As financial markets become more complex, the importance of skilled investment advice are increased.

Pensum is a partner owned company. In working with our client’s asset management, insurance and pension solutions, we continuously compare and evaluate the range of different products and solutions on the market. We are free to base our recommendations on each customer’s specific situation and needs.