Methodology and Analysis


The availability of information is greater than ever, both from the media and managers. We emphasize that our analyzes must be independent and neutral, and therefore use the industry’s leading analysis agency, BCA Research.

The company is known for very high quality in its analyzes, and can point to a significant excess return against the index. When choosing a fund, we use Morningstar for analysis, to find the assumed best funds / managers in each market. We examine the fund’s capital flows, fee structure, management team, historical results and consistency in management. The final decision on the choice of market views and products is decided by our investment committee, which consists of senior employees with long experience, and that the committee is chaired by an externally engaged consultant. In the process of product selection, we have to look at qualitative parameters as well. In this connection, we work continuously with manager visits, where we physically ensure each individual supplier. Our market view is naturally under continuous assessment.

Fundamental to our investment advisory service is that the client over time should expect to achieve a good risk-adjusted return. Based on our recommendations, the customer will decide the choice of locations. Our recommendations are only given after the customer has provided information about what risk the customer wants to take on, time horizon, requirements for liquidity and what other investments the customer holds. In accordance with the European regulations for investor protection, MIFID II, all customers are classified according to these regulations, before any of our services can be offered to the individual customer.

The customer can also, in consultation with his adviser, choose discretionary management. This means that the customer and Pensum together find a mandate according to which Pensum must manage the customer’s funds. Discretionary management is suitable for those customers who want to be more or less passive in relation to their investments