Methodology and Analysis

Methodology and Analysis.

The availability of information is greater than ever, from asset managers, media, and banks. We think it is important that our analysis should be independent and neutral. We therefore use the industry’s leading analyst firm BCA research.

BCA Research are known by its quality analysis, and its recommendations regularly outperform significantly against reference indexes. In our mutual funds selection, we use Morningstar to search and find the best fund managers in each market sector. We examine the mutual fund’s capital flows, fee structure, management team, historical performance and consistency in the investment strategy.

Our investment committee makes the final decisions concerning our market view and mix of assets. The investment committee consists of leading advisors, headed by a seasoned external advisor. We uncover qualitative parameters among mutual funds by visiting and interviewing their managers.

The cornerstone of our investment advice service is that our customers over time will experience risk-adjusted returns able to outperform the market. In accordance with the European regulation for investor protection, MIFID, together with our clients, we map their risk appetite, investment horizon, need for liquidity and other preferences. Based on the client’s current investments and our recommendations, we implement the most suitable investment products mix.

Customers may also choose to invest partially, or all their funds, in our discretionary management mandates. Discretionary management is a perfect solution for clients with little time or interest in spending the time necessary to manage their investments. Instead, they can focus on their daily business and let us manage their portfolio.