Investment Savings Account

Numerous benefits of saving in an
investment savings account.

An investment savings account will make your savings easier. You do not declare your earnings and losses. Moreover, we are in control of your tax base and reports to the tax authorities.
With ISA (investment savings account) your tax payments are based on lump sums, which consists of the expected average return. Therefore, you do not identify any capital gain or loss in the declaration. However, you pay the standard tax regardless of the value of your investment savings account increased or decreased.

The taxable standard income may be offset against capital losses and interest expenses you had outside of ISA.

Which account suits you?
See how you can take advantage of an investment savings account, compared with similar types of savings.

ISA is reserved for individuals. You have voting rights for your shares. There are np fees. You can borrow against your holdings and transfer your holdings.
Companies are given substantially the same advantages if instead a company-owned endowment is signed.