Advisory services

We never make a change without your approval.

The advisory services means that our advisors will contact you when proposing a change in your portfolio. You will then decide in each case whether the change should be implemented or not.

Freedom to choose investments is a prerequisite for the customer to be able to build confidence in us. We are free to propose the investment that best suits the customer, regardless of who is the supplier.

Still, in today’s market most clients pay product charges, where the advisers are paid for their services by commissions they generate from the product fees. We believe that this system favors products with high fees, since these products offer the highest compensation to advisors at the banks and intermediaries.

For you as an investor this is in two ways negative, firstly this system limits the selection of investment opportunities, thereby reducing your chance to find the best investments. Secondly, the high charges are reducing your returns.

At Pensum we charge our clients directly. Furthermore, we extensively use mutual funds in institutional classes, with much lower fees, as they provide no kick-back to the adviser. This way we have a common interest with our clients.