Asset Management

We manage other people’s money as if they were our own.

We offer asset management where you not only understand what you are investing in, but also why.

We offer broad and competent financial advice to individuals, businesses and institutions. Our starting point is a holistic and customer-specific view on your needs, risk profile, priorities and the objectives you want to achieve.

We manage capital, but also confidence. We base our advice on a broad and deep analysis of financial markets and the crucial external factors. We constantly strive for reliability and accuracy of our investment advice.

Moreover, we guarantee the transparency and clarity through our advisory services. We engage in a dialogue with the customer – to achieve increased involvement and participation. Our aim is that the customer must feel secure and satisfied.

Pensum provides management and advisory services to both listed and unlisted assets in custody or through insurance policies.

We are licensed to handle your trading of shares and bonds – either directly on an exchange or within mutual funds.

We cover a wide range of alternative investment products. We also have an extensive knowledge of alternative assets in real estate, private equity, infrastructure and more. Further, we do regular research on the existing closed-end fund structures in the secondary market, and we can extend and deepen the analysis based on the customer’s specific holdings.

Our advice builds on research from renovned partners  within each of their field of expertice and asset classes.

Research is the building block of our advice.
Despite the fact that Pensum is a niche player we use and implement the research from awarded and renowned researchers in our analysis. We work with standalone research companies when we develop our recommendations and market view. Please ask our advisors about our partnership with BCA Research on macroeconomic research and Morningstar mutual fund analysis. Within individual stocks and bonds, we cooperate with prominent securities companies covering Norwegian and Swedish securities.

Technological solutions.
We provide Access to the entire universe of mutual funds, as well as individual stocks and bonds worldwide. Cost-effective access to investments in currencies, commodities, ETFs, etc., including the ability to position the portfolio for a bear market.

You can follow the development of your investment portfolio on a daily basis via your private login area on our website. Our customers will also receive a thorough analysis of their portfolio concerning risk, correlation between portfolio securities etc.

Neutrality and professionalism.
It is a given that you get the best solutions we can offer with regards to price, products, tax optimal solutions and follow-up.

Any kickbacks on the management fees are paid back to you so you can be sure that we provide neutral advice.

We seek to reduce costs in the portfolio by using index funds and exchange traded funds where we see this as the most suitable and active funds where managers can demonstrate tangible added value.